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NBA Hoops 1990-91 Series 2 Pack


NBA Hoops 1990-91 Series 2 Pack

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The complete 1990-91 Hoops basketball set contains 440 standard-size cards. The set was distributed in two series of 336 and 104 cards, respectively.
On the front the color action player photo appears in the shape of a basketball lane, bordered by gold on the All-Star cards (1-26) and by silver on the regular issues (27-331, 336). The player's name and the stripe below the picture are printed in one of the team's colors. The team logo at the lower right corner rounds out the card face. The back of the regular issue has a color head shot and biographical information as well as college and pro statistics, framed by a basketball lane. The set is arranged alphabetically according to teams. Subsets are Coaches (305-331/343-354), NBA Finals (337-342), Team Checklists (355-381), Inside Stuff (382-385), Stay in School (386-387), Don't Foul Out (388-389), Lottery Selections (390-400), and Updates (401-438). Some of the All-Star cards (card numbers 2, 6, and 8) can be found with or without a printing mistake, i.e., no T in the trademark logo on the card back. A few of the cards (card numbers 14, 66, 144, and 279) refer to the player as "all America" rather than "All America". The following cards can be found with or without a black line under the card number, height, and birthplace: 20, 23, 24, 29, and 87. Rookie Cards of note included in the set are Danny Ferry, Derrick Coleman, and Gary Payton!!!

15 cards per pack

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