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2022-23 Panini NBA HOOPS Basketball RETAIL BOX


2022-23 Panini NBA HOOPS Basketball RETAIL BOX

$175.00 AUD

Each Box guarantees 24 Inserts & Parallels on Average!

Collect EXCLUSIVE Blue Explosion and Red Explosion Parallels! Find the Ultra-Rare Impulse Parallel!

2022-23 Hoops Basketball kicks off the new NBA season with your shot at the first rookie cards in NBA Uniforms!

Look for a variety of Retail-exclusive parallels and insert content! Find various exclusives for each Retail SKU!

Search for Retail-exclusive autographs throughout various Retail SKUs! Collect top players from across the league, past and present!

Collect the following Retail-exclusive insert sets: Arriving Now, Frequent Flyers, Pure Players, Skyview and Rookie Greetings!

Look for Retail SKU exclusive parallels in each SKU! Find various exclusive insert parallels throughout various Retail SKUs as well!

 8 cards per pack, 24 packs per box.

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