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Wilson Milwaukee Bucks 2021 NBA Champions Basketball (Size 7)


Wilson Milwaukee Bucks 2021 NBA Champions Basketball (Size 7)

$100.00 AUD


This limited-edition basketball features a “champions” script design on a high-performance Pure Feel Cover to immortalize the Milwaukee Bucks’ historical win. The official NBA Finals logo and Championship seal deliver authenticity to your collection. Celebrate your reign over the NBA with this crown jewel.


TROPHY QUALITY: A premium championship basketball made for display to celebrate the Phoenix Sun’s epic win

FINAL’S OFFICIAL: Commemorative NBA Finals 2021 logo and Championship design embossed in gold foil throughout the ball 

PURE FEEL COVER: Pro-level feel and durability

NBA AUTHENTIC: Wilson is the Official Basketball of the NBA


Ball Size : Sz 7

Ball Type : Commemorative, Display

Player Type : Professional, College

Playing Surface : Indoor/Outdoor

Product SKU(s) : WZ4009601XB7

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