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Nike Book 1 "Rattlesnake" FJ4249-101
Nike Book 1 "Rattlesnake" FJ4249-101
Nike Book 1 "Rattlesnake" FJ4249-101
Nike Book 1 "Rattlesnake" FJ4249-101
Nike Book 1 "Rattlesnake" FJ4249-101
Nike Book 1 "Rattlesnake" FJ4249-101
Nike Book 1 "Rattlesnake" FJ4249-101
Nike Book 1 "Rattlesnake" FJ4249-101


Nike Book 1 "Rattlesnake" FJ4249-101

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Devin Booker Book 1 "Rattlesnake" 
Basketball Shoes
Devin Booker is a craftsman who can lose a defender with an ankle-snatching stutter-go, then come back with a series of spellbinding jabs into a splashed jumper. Book’s signature shoe gives him the tools he needs to carve. With leather accents highlighting a super-smooth upper and a speedy, yet cushioned ride, this design can help you explore the spaces created by your piercing footwork and hungry hooper soul.

Book's Son
This special edition pays homage to Book’s son—his beloved Cane Corso named Haven. The marbled Swoosh logo nods to Haven’s dynamic dark brown eyes while the black base resembles his rich, supple coat. The colors are all Haven, and he inspired the materials and other details curated by Book. For a little something extra, check out the Old English "H" on the inner tongue label (a nod to Haven) and the numbered pull tabs, which stay consistent with the line. Taking inspiration from a book spine, the numbers reference the chapters in an ongoing story—Book's story.
Book Smooth
The outside is pure Book with a workwear-inspired canvas and twill upper adds durability, while a suede collar and genuine leather across the forefoot provide more reinforcement and a familiar, plush, broken-in feel out of the box. The pull tab at the heel is inspired by a book spine, with numbers referencing chapters in an ongoing story.
Plant and Pivot
A top-loaded midfoot strong plastic shank helps keep your foot stable when making sudden movements like sharp plants, Book-like pivots and jabs in the post and opportunistic cuts. A strong plastic sidewall cage adds even more stability.
Stop and Go
A top-loaded Zoom Air unit in the heel provides a measure of responsive speed when taking off in the open floor and coming to sudden halts, like a 2-footed Book jump stop and pump fake around the rim.
Cut Hard
The multidirectional, Herringbone-like pattern gives you sticky traction that’s ideal for lateral cuts and quick changes in movement.
Full-Go Foam
Soft, full-length foam can help you keep running and cutting in comfort.

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